Actress Spotlight: Renee Dorian


Friday the 13th is not just a day of spookiness as it’s also the day when our beloved horror actresses shine especially since the comely Renee Dorian is sparking our attention. She’s starring in “The Funhouse Massacre” which is due to spread terror this November 13th and has Robert Englund (Mr Freddy Krueger himself) in fine fettle. Will the precious Renee survive the carnage that will be unleashed when 6 psychopaths escape a local Asylum and cause bloody mayhem?

Here’s the Exclusive Interview with the lovely Renee as she talks about her character Laurie (wonder if she’s somehow related to Laurie Strode, Heroine of the Halloween franchise!) as well as revealing some twists on the much beloved feminine quotient in the horror genre:

1. Can you reveal some juicy info about your character Laurie on “The Funhouse Massacre” and why should horror fans go and see the film

Laurie- is one of the protagonists in our movie. Dressed as a Bumble Bee for Halloween, she’s the soft-spoken, love interest who the audience can relate to. Over the course of the evening Laurie learns to fight back against the deranged killers that have locked her in the Funhouse. She’s inspired by classic horror heroines- the likes of: Jamie Lee Curtis, and Neve Campbell. Why horror fans will like this flick, it’s a throwback to our favorite slashers of the 80s and 90s. It has great relentless villains like Jason and Freddy, but with the tongue in cheek humor of the 90s slasher films like Scream. And did we mention you don’t get just one bad guy, you get six in our film? And they all like to kill people in their own unique super bloody way.


2. Did you get to work with the legendary Robert Englund and the rest of the cast? What was that experience like?

I unfortunately did not have any scenes with Robert Englund, but that didn’t stop my husband Ben Begley and I from visiting set the day he was filming! Since Ben and I co-wrote the film together, we wanted to introduce ourselves to Robert. It was an amazing experience. Robert is a very sweet, genuine and charming man. When we met him, he started acting out his lines for us, to show us the ideas he’d been working on for his character, the Warden. THE Robert Englund was rehearsing lines we wrote, it was an amazing momentl! Meeting such an iconic actor and realizing how humble and generous of a person he is, will be something that we will never forget.

We had an amazing ensemble cast! Honestly, we are very lucky because there was never any drama. We all became very close working together on this movie, filming on location in Middletown, Ohio for 4 straight weeks. Nothing but a Walmart and dreary weather around us. Luckily our hotel had a gym, a pool and a Cracker Barrel (in close proximity) where most of the cast got together for late night breakfasts before filming. Our call times were usually around 6pm and we would film all night until the sun rose. We still hang out with the Funhouse team, it was a great bonding experience and we made some great friends out of it.


3. You and your husband are the co-writers of “The Funhouse Massacre”. What were your inspiration in crafting this comedy horror flick.

Ben and I were inspired by the 80’s & 90’s slasher films. But we were also heavily influenced by DC comic book characters as well. We based our six maniacs off real killers mixed with some of our favourite villains from Arkham Asylum, because real life serial killers are usually just too twisted and gross to make fun characters out of. But when you add a dash of comic book flare to it, you can have these brutal killers that are slightly elevated from a place of realism and it allows you to have more fun with them on the screen. The goal was to make this fun and bloody ride, where the audience is laughing, screaming, getting grossed out, cheering, and then laughing again. A bloody love letter to all our favourite slasher films.

4. What’s your take on women becoming such a creative force in horror both on and off camera. What you want to see more of when it comes to the female quotient onscreen?

Being a woman in Hollywood is honestly it’s own fete. Everyday we are criticised and critiqued by not only the opposite sex, but also by our very own kind. We are given less roles, less opportunities and less pay, all the while still trying to gain some respect in this ever growing male dominating industry. BUT, while there are many places that need change, the horror genre has done quite well with giving women opportunities and it hasn’t swayed too far from where it first began. In Horror movies you can (almost) always guarantee a Lead Female Heroine and a Funny Flirty Friend. But now women are getting even more fun characters to play besides those cliches.

In The Funhouse Massacre- Ben and I wanted to have the Final Girl and the Overtly Sexual Friend, but also have a Female Killer and a Female Sheriff. Something you don’t see everyday in movies at least not at the same time. LOL

I think women in horror are growing more rapidly than ever. Not only do we have Horror Feature Films and Short Films, but now we have TV, and WEB and so many other platforms for your work to be seen. I’m excited to see what else the future holds.

What I would LOVE to see for the female quotient onscreen and offscreen is to break barriers. We need more women working in film on projects together, not against one another. I want to see the ratio even in Film and TV, and not just characters that string the plot along. I want strong, unique characters that have a very powerful point of view. It has happened before and worked. We just need MORE of it.


5. Could you give us a tease of your upcoming projects and what can we look forward to?

Well to see the trailer, photos and more for The Funhouse Massacre visit the webpage here:

And currently I am narrating an Audiobook Series called “House of Royals”. I just wrapped on the first book and have 2 more to go. It’s a really fun series, so if you’re looking for a fun book to listen to, please check it out. It should be releasing soon on

Writing 2 other projects currently, 1 is top secret but I think Horror Fans will be excited! And the other is a romantic comedy, with a strong female lead, not unlike the characters I want to see more of 🙂

For other updates on career and more you can visit my website: AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @reneedorian and FOLLOW our film @FunhouseMass

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