Hottest Women To Crave @ NYC Horror Film Festival 2015

Jessica Cameron, Caleigh Le Grand, Sydney Kondruss and Elma Begovic in “Save Yourself”

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– When it comes to horror, the plaudits have to be lavishly heaped on one of the most dedicated female talents of our time, the ravishing Jessica Cameron. In “Save Yourself”, she stars as horror actress Kim Tobin who together with the crew and cast celebrate the successful screening of their horror film. Mayhem ensues when one of them goes missing!
– Canadian temptation Caleigh Le Grand is one of the brightest prospect in the horror genre with notable turns in films such as “Late Night Double Feature”. She’s ever so enchanting as neurotic writer Lizzy Miller who joins the search for the unaccounted for cast-member which becomes a terrifying fight for survival!
– Sydney Kondruss caught the eye with her arresting work in the horror flick “The Drownsman” and she does so again as Heather Amato who is the wild card of the piece. This Canadian starlet adds an extra dimension with some nail-biting moments and affirms her brilliance as a stirring siren of all things terror.
– Elma Begovic enthralled worldwide audiences with her leading role as Casey, the unfortunate woman who transforms into an insect-like creature in “Bite”, one of the most macabre yet compelling horror films of 2015. This time around she gets to be in maniacal form as the evil Astrid Sauter, beguilingly treading the dark side once more.

Akasha Villalobos and Danielle Evon Ploeger in “Last Girl Standing”

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“Last Girl Standing” turns the trope of The Final Girl on its head in such mesmerising fashion with its focus on the repercussions of being alive after all those around you are dismembered. Sometimes the psychological trauma can be just as scary!
– From start to end, the copiously talented Akasha Villalobos provides riveting moments to savour as Camryn as you follow her struggles with being the sole survivor of a massacre in the must-see “Last Girl Standing”.
– Danielle Evon Ploeger is effortlessly enchanting as the benevolent new acquaintance Danielle who comes into the life of Akasha’s Camryn which introduces more edgy tension as she acquires a new fear, one of possibly reliving the loss of her friends.
– Keep your eyes fixated on both Akasha and Danielle as they bloom into coveted indie starlets deserving of global adulation.

Adrienne King in “Friday The 13th”


– Fans all over the world have become enamoured with the vivacious Adrienne King, one of the most beloved icons of the horror genre. It’s a fitting tribute that they are screening her film “Friday the 13th” on the very same date this week in November.
– In horror lore, she is fondly celebrated as Alice Hardy, the original Final Girl who went toe-to-toe with Jason who she shockingly discovered was actually his mum Mrs. Voorhees and lived to tell the gruesome tale!
– It will be very interesting to watch her shine once more in the upcoming “William Froste” alongside fellow Scream Queens of Past – P.J Soles (Halloween), Amanda Wyss & Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare On Elm Street) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) as well as Scream Queens of Present – Jillian Murray, Kristina Klebe and Tiffany Shepis.

Susana Gibb in “Son”

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– Having played an array of engrossing female characters across various genres in her career, Susana is noteworthy for producing and appearing in the short film Angela’s Body, an Academy Award Finalist.
– Invitingly pretty and a polished talent, she possesses the gift of adding layers to the women she’s embodied on film and television in her career.
– Don’t miss the enigmatic Susana in the short film “Son” as a mother whose son is supposedly on his sick day but discovers a most deadly family secret.

Montana Marks and Rosebud Baker in “6:15”

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– If you think Lauren Cohan of “The Walking Dead” fame is hot then be prepared to be addicted to Montana Marks and Rosebud Baker, the delectably sexy stars of the first ever P.O.V. shot zombie flick.
– It’s with good reason why they are back on this blog as everyone will be enthused with these two women who have the requisite sex appeal as well as the flair to make our hearts race.
– With the publicity on zombie stories at an all time high, cultivating a healthy obsession for Montana and Rosebud is a must. They’ve piqued our interest in a big way!

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