NYC Horror Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Indie Darling May Grehan

Strikingly gorgeous May Grehan has the effusive charm to steal a deluge of hearts. With her alluring blue eyes, this Australian beauty is set to captivate in “The Army Within” which is screening at this year’s NYC Horror Film Festival. This sci-fi short sees May investing herself into the portrayal of Sally, a woman who finds herself trapped together with her boyfriend amidst an alien invasion. She’s received high praise from Andy Sutton, Writer and Director of “The Army Within” for delving into the nuances of her character Sally, indicating her impressive potential to ascend into a notable actress.

Here’s the ever so genial May giving a detailed insight into her role as Sally as well as interesting accounts of her experience working on “The Army Within”:

So The Army Within was shot in late September 2012 so I’m very excited that it’s travelling all over the world in festivals and people get to see the awesome story writer/director Andy Sutton brought to life. Here are some links with details and names of the other people involved:
Official site –
Facebook –

I’m terrible at summing up films myself (I usually give the ending away) so here’s the official summary. “A rain of strange meteorites crash into a small town where childhood sweethearts Traye and Sal find themselves in the midst of an alien invasion. Vicious creatures emerge, rampaging through the town carrying a deadly virus, killing and infecting anyone in their path. Sal narrowly escapes death but is infected with the mysterious alien virus. With Traye pushed to the edge, they race to the nearest hospital where Sal’s sister Katie works as a nurse. Forced off the road into an abandoned building, they encounter Dr. Samuel seeking refuge from the local hospital since being overrun by alien creatures. Trapped together they struggle to survive outside threats, but also the soon to arrive dangerous fourth member to their trio.”

So I’m May Grehan, nice to virtually meet you. I was brought up in Singapore for 10 years and have been in Australia since. I’ve always wanted to be an actor. Movies are enchanting. They affected me so much that I wanted to affect people the same way. And so I moved to Sydney, Australia’s entertainment hub to get a start on this crazy acting mission. I wasn’t getting any auditions and there was no progress so I decided to start recording myself doing self-tests. Random scripts I liked, improvised scenes, monologues, that kind a thing.

And then somehow Andy Sutton clicked on one of my YouTube videos. He says he was looking for someone older but then got stuck on me. That I was the one true Sally of The Army Within. He contacted me via LinkedIn of all places. Something I found a bit useless for an actor. He sent through the script for my perusal as well as the short films he had made prior to TAW. They were awesome! True Hollywood style. Special affects incredible, sound incredible, actors incredible so I couldn’t say no.

So I read the script, got immersed in the alien story and the romance between Traye and Sal. It’s really cute. I mean wicked cool because of the aliens but really cute because of the lead characters. I also remember looking up Paul Pantano, the guy that plays Traye, and thinking how great it would be working with someone who has worked so immensely in the Australian industry.

But let me tell you about my role in the film. I think that my character Sal is just a sweeter version of myself. She has a real hometown feel about her. She and Traye were high school sweethearts and have been happily together since. She’s a confident girl who stands up for people, is generally liked by everyone and if you looked in her wardrobe you’d find mostly floral dresses.

Anyway it was emails back and forth for ages. Andy contacted me in June I think, and I kept asking when everything would get started. We’d had a read through and I met the wickedly funny Andy and the cool and collected Paul but nothing really started till September. And then it was all over. It was 4 days of shooting and then we wrapped. I wish it went for longer because the cast and crew are awesome but we were just too darn efficient! It was an incredible team to work with and I can’t wait to do it all again if TAW gets head hunted.

What’s up next is really up to fate, I head home to Sydney from a 5 month Europe and Christmas trip that I’ve been saving up for. On the acting side of things, I do workshops and classes, attend networking nights and cross my fingers for auditions to come through my agent. And on the writer/director side of things, I think I’ll make a movie. I wrote a screenplay titled ‘Zombie Bru’ over a year ago. It’s about a 10 year old Maori boy, trying to get a girlfriend and dealing with his not completely human brother. In this day and age it should be easy to get crew together and film something, so why not shoot my own work. You’ll have to check in at the end of 2016 though to see if that all worked out.

She was actually both in Southport, Queensland and has even resided in Singapore. Talk about coincidences and how it’s actually such a small world! I currently live in Singapore and spent the best part of 3 years at Southport whilst at university. Now the world gets to see the wonders May can bring to the screen, a genuine starlet on the rise!

Keep up with all the latest updates at the MAY GREHAN OFFICIAL SITE.

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