Napa Valley Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Aussie Vixen Sarah Bishop


Actress/Producer Sarah Bishop is a fetching talent with an accessible purity that’s befitting a certified indie sweetheart. With some of the most compelling stories are coming out of Australia and portrayed with intriguing conviction by upcoming screen sirens such as Sarah, we are duly fascinated. She’s the star of the thriller “Crushed” which has screenings at the Napa Valley Film Fest all of this weekend. The world needs to recognise the immense joy that women from all corners of the globe fulfil as entertainers and Sarah could soon be a name on the tip of our tongues. As a matter of fact, “Acolytes”, a really intense Aussie drama released in 2011 is still on my list of most riveting films and in terms of tone, “Crushed” promises a similar dark-filled journey with its stellar twists. Sarah is stirringly brilliant in the role of Ellia, a young woman returning home to her family vineyard for her father’s funeral, only to uncover that his death was at the hands of a murderer and her own mother fingered as the prime suspect. Family secrets inevitably lead to a crescendo of troubling disquiet that threatens her life. Kudos to Sarah for taking on the intricacies of such a multi-faceted persona, an attestation of her stature as a budding star.

Sarah has also caught the eye online having appeared in the humorous skit ACTIVEWEAR which featured acclaimed songstress Ellie F**king Goulding. In the words of the great Heath Ledger, Why So Serious indeed! We do need more of this goofiness and the fact that even celebs can let their hair down which humanises them. Seeing how she’s a co-creator of girls comedy group Skit Box who concocted the aforementioned video and had massive online sucesss with their sketches which have been featured twice on the front page of Will Ferrell’s FUNNY OR DIE site, Sarah’s making waves on the comedy front too! Look out for Sarah in “The Astronaut” which Sarah wrote and starred in. She’s the love interest Elise, a local girl who forms an unlikely bond with an astronaut during his final days on planet Earth. Hugely talented, there’s plenty to suggest that Sarah is on the cusp of stardom.

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