Studio City Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Samantha Spatari

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Breathtakingly gorgeous Samantha Spatari is a newcomer with the allure that fascinates the heart. At the Studio City Film Fest this week, she’s appearing in “Cupid”, the short film about a love connection between a girl and a boy who’s actually a mystical figure! It’s a hot mess of a brewing romance and affirms that trying to fan the flames of passion is full of complications. Samantha herself is a luscious mix of a hotpot of nationalities ensuring we are mesmesized.

Here’s Samantha describing more about her role in “Cupid” and the type of genres that tickle her fancy:

Cupid is a love story, about a relationship between two people which we see unfold over years. I played Padideh, and she at first has a childish view on love. Over time we see her grow into this mature woman who knows what she wants and as she changes, she wants to see Cupid grow as well. I love stories about relationships as they are so universal. Everyone can relate in some way to a broken heart, or a fairytale coming true. For Padideh, the relationship becomes complicated, but sometimes you can’t help who you love and it’s beautiful to see the very highs of a relationship down to the very lows. I had a blast working with Director Maria De Sanctis – Her clear vision helped bring Padideh to life.

I’m really looking forward to this year! Many films I had the pleasure of working on will be circulating the festivals. I’ve done a lot of work with Mad Resilience Films, working as an actress as well as behind the camera. Director Mark Datuin truly brings scripts to life in his short films and I enjoy the complexity and depth each script offers. There is also a feature film being completed as we speak, where I played my first ever lead! I can’t go into too much detail, but it is another story centering around a relationship – it’s raw and taps into aspects of a relationship that are not always seen.

My favourite genre…That’s tough! I am definitely a fan of Drama…I want to continue learning how to love myself, and allow myself to feel emotions I’d usually push down. This genre helps with that. I love feeling the high highs and the low lows of life…it just makes you feel alive. BUT If I had to choose a genre that I’d desperately want to try…it be Horror. I’m a big fan of every Horror movie, most of the time watching it myself because no one wants to watch “scary” movies with me!

If I was in her proximity, she’ll definitely would have a horror buddy by her side! Seeing how she could be a Final Girl in a genre which I’m favorably addicted to, there’ll be many more moments to cherish from the sparkling Samantha Spatari.

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