Williamsburg Indie Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Lara Wolf

If actresses are the epicentre of infatuation then it’s time to fall for the enticing Lara Wolf, one of the most stunning women on our planet. There’s a cavalcade of reasons to follow her work and she’s starring in the short film “Jackie Boy” which screens at this year’s Williamsburg Indie Film Fest. Her innate sex appeal is vibrantly pulsing and her photogenic magnetism accentuated by her shapely curves is elegantly potent, those gorgeous Swiss-Persian features being a cause for celebration. She’s also conversant in multiple languages including English, Farsi, Swiss-German, German, French as well as Italian and in any language, it’s apt that we are galvanised to have Lara at the tip of our tongues.

She’s also slated to appear in the “Days Of Power”, a horror thriller that’s completely in your face terror with an unexpected but harrowing twist that’s connected to man’s best friend. Additionally, she can be seen in a French Production called “Big House”, a film about the underground circus and cabaret scene in NYC. She’s playing an Argentinian hoop aerialist and acclaimed French thesp Gérard Depardieu is in the cast too. Away from the camera, she ever so kindly introduced me to the sleeper hit “Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” as a memorable film about Iranian vampires and has Iranian-American actress Sheila Vand as it’s bloodthirsty leading lady. Just like Sheila, Lara has versatility on camera and the obvious Goddess-like sensuality that would see her globally desired.

Do visit the LARA WOLF OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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