Rising Starlet: Monica Hewes

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We love to extol the charms of women who are blossoming in the industry and the comely Monica Hewes is captivating TV viewers this week. She’s appearing on the episode ‘Flicker’ of the creepy “American Horror Story” franchise that centres on the blood-filled going-ons of a mysterious hotel. As the flapper girl Gibby, Monica looks inviting in period guise and she has the beguiling features to be beautous in any era. She’s adding yet again a different flavour to what we know as the often insane yet always intriguing world of AHS! Monica can also be seen in “Masters Of Sex” in fascinatinhly dramatic fashion alongside Michael Sheen and made quite the thrilling entrance in an episode of “Transporter: The Series”.


She’s also showcasing her creative talents with her female-driven web series “Ex-Best”, writing and starring in this episodic gem about the complexities of friendship. Along with fellow actress Diana Gettinger, they star as best buds who one day find that their friendship seems to have self-destruct and there lies richly textured stories of the exit strategies when things go sour. We’ve all been there and it’s painful yet in “Ex-Best”, the time apart that happens so often in a break-up is peppered with dark humour and thanks to Monica and Diana, we’ve in for a treat. The keen eyes of the world are about to be trained on the lovely Monica who is to be feted as a screen darling.


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