Foxy Femme: Jana Lee Hamblin


With the exquisite Jana Lee Hamblin making her presence felt on television, it’s time we all develop a crush on this beautiful screen siren. Catch her as Dana in the latest episode of “Z-Nation” in which she catches the eye in regal fashion as part of a new group of survivors. In the face of a zombie apocalypse, shifting loyalties are commonplace and as Dana, she yearns to break free from the control of Gideon Gould, her corporate communication workshop coach played by Anthony Michael Hall. From her deception as a means to survive and even becoming a potential love interest for central figure Addy, Jana is intensely captivating. Blondes are certainly making a comeback on TV this week with Rachael Taylor in “Jessica Jones” and the return of Emily Rose on “Haven” so it’s apt that Jana leaves us wanting more in her meaty role on “Z-Nation”. Let’s hope she gets to reprise her role as Dana and delve into the backstory of this intriguing woman.


On screen, she has a most enticing appeal and with her extensive work on TV including guest-starring on the hit show “Portlandia”, we’ve already looking forward to her upcoming features. One of them will be her upcoming appearance on “Grimm” which serves to make Jana an ever more endearing watch! Jana is also the owner/founder of Act Now Studio where she’s an accomplished teacher dispensing wisdom to aspiring actors and helping them to a successful career path. She’s indeed a woman of many facets who is due her time in the limelight!

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