Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 25 Nov 2015

Lauren Myers in “Manhattan”


– With one of the most potently fascinating performances on TV this week, Lauren Myers is showcasing to the world her undeniable acting finesse.
– From having to deal with the uncertainty of having children with her new husband to uncovering a spy in her midst which puts her life at risk, Lauren navigates every nuance of her character Jeannie with riveting ease in Season 2 of “Manhattan”.
– The luminous Lauren is surely on her way to becoming a coveted figure by viewers and she’s affirming why the women of television have become such an addiction.

Visit the Lauren Myers Official Site

Minni Jo Mazzola in “Castle”


– Minni Jo Mazzola affirms that the sexiest women are indeed on television as she’s appearing in this week’s episode of “Castle” alongside Nathan Fillion himself.
– Catch this elfin beauty as a cruise ship showgirl offering info on her fellow dancer to Nathan’s Richard Castle as per his sleuth work in the episode “Mr. & Mrs. Castle”.
– Minni exudes a desirable allure coupled with chic fashion sense (see photo above) which means she already has our undivided attention.

Carlee Baker and Allison Kyler in “L.A. Slasher”

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– When it comes to the most enticing horror actresses, Carlee and Allison are the ultimate crush for every fan as they personify the heights of sensuality.
– Don’t miss this delectable duo as Scream Queens in “L.A. Slasher” starring Mischa Barton but do they survive this trippy world of reality excesses with a serial killer in the mix.
– While we know Carlee and Allison as talented women who have consistently shone in the horror genre, their genial appeal on as well as off camera are to be cherished.

Jessica Clark in “Pocket Listing”

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– Her sultry performance in “Pocket Listing” is not to be missed and Jessica has sizzled every time she’s called upon to express her feminine wiles in the films she’s done.
– She plays Lana Hunter who together with her husband hires an unscrupulous property broker to sell their house. Jessica effortlessly seduces our eyes and minds in one of her most sexiest yet lively femme fatale roles to date.
– Jessica is one of the most ravishing woman on the planet and she also happens to be openly lesbian, a swoon-worthy talent that’s already a certified Sex Symbol!

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