Hottest Indie Darlings To Crave @ Blood In The Snow Film Fest 2015

Vanessa Walsh in “Chiral”


– When it comes to the world of film, we’re endlessly devoted to Canadian screen sirens and the desirable Vanessa Walsh is a lady worthy of obsession.
– The surreal and the supernatural combine with thrilling fashion in “Chiral”, the short where she’s a stealing beauty as the beguiling Hannah.
– Having also worked as a screenwriter on “Chiral” and imbuing it with a enthrallingly dark subtext, Vanessa is a multi-faceted artist with the gift of storytelling.

Annette Woniak in “Secret Santa”


– With her genial disposition, Annette affirms the verity of indie actresses as visions of graciousness and genuine loveliness.
– Don’t miss her as the sweetheart Nicole in her latest film “Secret Santa”, a throwback to the much loved 80s slasher and she makes for a fetching Scream Queen indeed.
– Annette’s ability to segue into roles that requires nuances of duplicity as she depicted in awesome horror flick “Bite” is further proof she’s a flourishing talent.

Check out Annette’s interview HERE.

Helena Marie in “Crazy Love”


– Notable for her portrayals of sensitive characters, Helena is a perennial darling of the screen with a captivating essence that has a vivid glow.
– In the short film, “Crazy Love” in which she doubles up as a screenwriter, she delivers must-watch thought provoking moments as Samantha, an emotionally battered and abused woman.
– Helena also stars in the magical short “A Late Thaw”, which is beautiful in its execution with the personal narration about the complexities of love.

Elma Begovic & Denise Yuen in “Bite”


– Elma gave us one of the most memorable performances in 2015 with her starring role as Casey in “Bite” and cements herself in indie horror lore as a thoroughly enigmatic actress.
– In “Bite”, the gorgeous Denise played her good natured friend Kirsten who is richly eye-catching, adding layers of tenderness to what is a terrifying body-horror tale.
– We’re waiting with bated breath to witness the evolution of both Elma and Denise as the stunning pair are set to dazzle the world.

Check out Elma’s interview HERE.
Check out Denise’s interview HERE.

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