Rising Starlet: Emily Tarver


We can’t stop adoring the dazzling women of television and it’s all thanks to the captivating Emily Tarver who belongs in the talented pool of quirky charmers. She’s starring in the USA Network sitcom “Donny!” as powerhouse Executive Producer Pam who has to juggle her directing duties on the daytime talk show of single father Donny Deutsch whilst keeping him in line. Emily is both easy on the eyes and a brilliant comedic actress, infusing her character Pam with a stern yet offbeat quality that’s delightful in its authenticity. Pam’s a fixer and Donny has trouble written all over so never the twain shall meet. However she’s the the yin to Donny’s yang, they need co-existence even if it means driving each other crazy!

We more than ever need to put the much beloved funny women of our time such as Emily high up on a pedestal of adoration for their impeccable comic flair. Emily is more than just a comedienne, she’s a creator of all things humorous and establishing herself as a gem in the comedy genre. To elicit laughter from the masses is in itself a fine art and it’s no surprise to see Emily being part of an ensemble cast which include comedy powerhouses Amy Poehler as well as Tina Fey in the upcoming “Sisters”. Emily has mentioned before how Amy Poehler has been one of her idols and now she’s nabbed a role opposite one of the greats! We may just see Emily emulating the feat of becoming a much sought after talent in the near future.

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