Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Carrie Genzel

 alt=© Robin Emtage Bunch


Potently saucy Carrie Genzel is one of the most dynamic actresses in the industry and she’s set to arouse a rapidly growing fascination with her guest-star role on an iconic show this week. She’s guest-starring in the series “Supernatural”, continuing her phenomenal run on television and exhilarating our eyes once more. Carrie personifies the distinct allure of Canadian women across all genres as her virtuosity in portraying a multifarious range of characters is consistently mesmerizing.

Here’s Carrie talking abut her lively time on “Supernatural” as well as why women are such a big draw on TV:

1. Could you give us a tease of your upcoming role on “Supernatural” as Linda Berman and what was it like working with the Winchester Brothers aka Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles?

SUPERNATURAL “Just My Imagination” is about Sam’s childhood imaginary friend ‘Sully’ coming back because he needs his help. I can’t say too much about what my role is in this episode but I can say that I have to do with that storyline and worked with Jensen and Jared, as well as Nate Torrence, who plays ‘Sully.’ I’ll also say that my scenes will be quite fun and memorable.

It was great working on the show again, I was first on SUPERNATURAL in the first season in an episode entitled “Bugs,” so it was fun to come back 10 years later and work with the boys again. We had a lot of laughs, this episode is a departure from the darker storylines and is really funny, I think the fans will like it a lot. It’s also directed by Richard Speight Jr. aka “The Trickster/Gabriel,” so he brought a lot of fun on and off the set. I can’t wait for everyone to see it, it’s a really fun episode.

2. Do you believe in the paranormal and have you encountered any supernatural events in your life?

I very much believe in the paranormal, I’ve had paranormal experiences since I was a little girl, it’s something that is a part of my normal day to day life. I actually have developed five different paranormal based reality shows over the years, so I have a lot of real people who work in the paranormal field on my speed dial. It’s not uncommon for me to “see dead people.”

3. You’ve dazzled in a variety of genres on both TV and Film namely sci-fi, horror, drama and comedy. What have been your most memorable experiences and which genre tickles your fancy the most?

I love working in all the different genres, it’s fun to mix it up, the first episode of SUPERNATURAL was pretty memorable as I had to work with 180 live tarantulas crawling all over my body. WATCHMEN was also very memorable, it was quite special to transform into Jackie Kennedy. Also playing ‘Skye Chandler’ on ALL MY CHILDREN was incredible, I was told when I booked the job that it would change my life, and it did, the fans have always been so wonderful and continue to be so much fun and full of support, I really do cherish them.

 alt=© Stuart Dee

4. Here on the Actress Obsession Blog, Canadian actresses have often been lauded as Vixens onscreen. What do you think makes a Vixen and why are we so hooked on Canadian talents such as yourself who are sizzling up the entertainment world?

Ha ha ha, are Canadians seen as vixens? I didn’t know that! Hm, I don’t know why that is, maybe we have a strong sense of who we are and are confident in that, oh gosh, I really have no idea. I think a vixen is strong, confident, smart, knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone stop her from getting it, the vixens are usually the most fun to play because they are driving the scenes, but they don’t usually have a happy ending.

5. Could you give us a tease of your upcoming projects and what do you hope to see more of when it comes to the evolution of female characters?

In terms of upcoming projects I have a feature film called THEY’RE WATCHING coming to theaters in early 2016, it’s a thriller/horror film that has a lot of comedy in it, I play an American producer of an international home renovation show, we’re on location in Maldova when things start to go wrong. I also have another feature film coming out in 2016 called THEY LAYOVER which is a comedy directed by William H. Macy, and I’m just about to shoot a short film for Disney where I’ll be working again with my DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER director Zach Lipovsky.

In terms of what I hope to see when it comes to the evolution of female characters, I think it would be great to see film catch up to TV. I think the better female characters are, and have been for years, on TV, and I think film has some catch-up to do in their female character development. The female characters on TV seem to be more well rounded and don’t take a back seat as much as they do on film. Some of the female TV characters I’ve been enjoying lately are Annalise Keating on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Claire Underwood on HOUSE OF CARDS, Cersei Lannister on GAME OF THRONES, and Vanessa Ives on PENNY DREADFUL.

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