Sizzling Cutie: Callie Ott


The demure Callie Ott has the genial nature that’s hard to resist and she’s already turning into a much adored indie darling. She’s the leading lady of “Wtf!” as Rachel, the Final Girl of a brutal massacre whose past soon catches up with her during Spring Break. Expected to be released next year, the trailer already has piqued my interest what with horror being my most addictive genre. If you thought that Melissa Benoist a.k.a. Supergirl was the only one putting a spell on us, then get ready for the very sweet Callie to be just as instrumental in attracting the eyes. Cute women on screen are the boon of our existence and Callie in her effervescent way is on course to be a charmer across many mediums.

Here’s Callie talking about here experience working on “WTF!” and her upcoming projects:

Working on WTF! was absolutely amazing. We only had about 12 days of shooting and everyday was extremely challenging on set. I had so much fun and fell in love with my character, Rachel. Rachel was a very complex character and I had to tap into different parts of myself to relate to her. As a huge horror fan, I watched numerous scary movies that featured strong leading ladies which gave me a ton of inspiration. That being said, WTF! is very comedic and I think it will be a super fun experience for audience members.

Next year I am going to shoot another film with Moon Dog Media- can’t really say what yet. I am creating my own webseries right now. We’ve only filmed the first episode but it’s been a blast. I’m getting ready to shoot a video for Buzzfeed. And I’m getting ready to perform in the LA Funny Women’s Festival at IO West next week. I have a two woman improv team called, Betty. So excited for everything coming up!

Drop by the CALLIE OTT OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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