Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 4 Dec 2015

Shalaina Castle in “Criminal Minds”


– Shalaina guest-stars in this week’s thrilling episode of “Criminal Minds” entitled “Internal Affairs” as Sarah Miles, an undercover cover DEA Agent who ends up in the psychotic crosshairs of a serial killer with a nasty penchant for carving faces of his victims.
– She mines the emotional depth of her character Sarah with accomplished craft and will keep viewers on tether-hooks as her fate hangs in the balance.
– Notable for appearing in the Sundance hit “Adonis”, Shalaina can also be seen in the indie horror flick “Delirium” and her vivaciousness is a sight for adoring eyes.

Sasha Higgins in “The Badger Game”


– We can’t get enough of actresses portraying women walking on the wild side and Sasha is riveting as the drug-addled stripper Jane in “The Badger Game”.
– Set to intrigue audiences, this beguiling brunette does tread the darkness in a complex role that blurs the line between what we know to be good and evil.
– Catch Sasha in the werewolf flick “Dark Moon Rising” set in a world where Lycans are seeking a special girl who holds the key to their survival and human enslavement.

Anne Leighton in “Grimm”


– From “CSI:Cyber” to “Nashville”, Anne has consistently been an enchanter and in my opinion, she’s always been one of the sexiest women to have hit our screens.
– Recognition for her work should come in droves especially since this stunning redhead is guest-starring on the show “Grimm” in the episode ‘Wesen Nacht’ which from the teaser suggests a gigantic Wessen wrecking havoc!
– Many will love that she’s dazzling the indie genre too and she’s just as foxy on the web having sizzled as Sparky on the spy caper “Superseven”.

Audrey Moore in “Manhattan”


– Audrey has the inviting face that’s tailor-made for period pieces and she’s wonderfully delightful in her recurring role as switchboard operator Francine in “Manhattan”.
– If you’re looking for the most authentic women on TV, then don’t miss out by watching Audrey in Season 2 who together with Olivia Williams as well as Rachel Brosnahan are a trio of women who represent natural beauty.
– She’s also such an adorable vision as Ms Fitz who often gets on the nerves of her students on the Nickelodeon series “Bella And The Bulldogs”.

Natalie Victoria in “Last Shift”


– Natalie has the curves as well as drop-dead gorgeous sex appeal to go along with her impressive talents that has numerous relishable facets.
– It may be a supporting role for Natalie on the horror flick “Last Shift” yet she’s a sultry scene stealer as Marigold, the streetwalker who sheds more light about the a notorious case of grisly killings to police rookie Jessica Loren.
– Her masterful performance in the zombie comedy “Deadheads” showed her potential as a coveted new face and she’s been amassing adulation ever since.

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