Foxy Femme: Lizz Carter


With her elegantly ravishing features, Lizz Carter is an actress who would be very much fancied in the eyes of many. She can be seen in the John Stamos comedy “Grandfathered” which has already won warm approval and Lizz plays a patron at the restaurant owned by John’s leading man Jimmy Martino in the episode ‘Jimmy and Son’. Leaving the reins to his son Gerald doesn’t quite work out when his progeny exhibits eccentric behaviour towards the customers which include Lizz’s character. Here on the blog, we regularly celebrate the most attractive women and Lizz has strikingly gorgeous eyes that emanates magnetic appeal. She certainly proved to be enticing to the eyes when she appeared as a socialite on “Nashville” alongside Connie Britton which is a show noted for it’s supremely beautiful cast.


For those who love a steady diet of Netflix, watch Lizz in “Catching Faith” which is about a family that tries to rally together when their pride and joy a teenage football star is caught drinking. She stars as Jael, a girlfriend of the mother of the boy at the centre of unwanted attention who happens to be exemplary in her everyday life which of course introduces tension between friends. Picture perfect is something that Lizz certainly is; her easy on the eyes disposition is pure and charismatic. It does mean we cannot wait to see more of her in the future projects that she’ll be part of.

Do check out the LIZZ CARTER OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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