Sizzling Cutie: Lola Kelly


The foxiest women are certainly enticing us on the independent scene and the gorgeous Lola Kelly is sultriness personified. Viewers can catch her in “The Ouija Exorcism” with its premise of possession that is bound to sit well with horror fans. Given the phenomenal rise in the interest for possession-related films and shows such as “South Of Hell”, “Outcast”,etc., we’re in for a spooky ride!

Here’s Lola telling us more about her role in “The Ouija Exorcism” and her upcoming features:

I played “Ronnie” in The Ouija Exorcism, she’s the self appointed shamanic priestess who is the caretaker of the place where the families are staying and where most of the film takes place. I also just finished shooting a revisionist female driven Western called “Cassidy Red”. I played brothel owner “Rowena” and we shot in old Tucson Studios for a month, it was one of the best cast and crews I’ve worked with and it’s going to be a fantastic film.

She’s already sinked her teeth into the lead role in an off Broadway new play called “Lady” about sex, power and the length we go to stay beautiful. It is based on the Countess Bathory, history’s most prolific serial killer. In “The Ouija Exorcism”, Lola does exude a most delightful sensuality and with her wonderful track record of playing some of the sexiest femmes on camera, she’s a talent who will be of great interest. Her smouldering good looks could well be compared to say the more mainstream Alison Brie. We have always been passionate for indie actresses that can stir the senses and the ravishing Lola may just be our new obsession.

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