Sizzling Cutie: Heighlen Boyd


One only has to gaze at the enchanting fresh faces on TV to be spellbound and actress Heighlen Boyd is on her way to becoming a genuine sweetheart. This week, catch her as Esta in “Into The Badlands” as a young female warrior belonging to the coven known as Butterflies who are the disciples of the newest Baron of the Badlands aptly named The Widow (Emily Beecham). The Butterflies represent all that is beautiful and deadly with their fearsome leader The Widow having instilled in them the art of the kill. In the latest episode “Two Tigers Subdue Dragons”, tension arises within the ranks and Heighlen’s character Esta is charged into taking care of her kindred spirits. Heighlen is so delicately comely onscreen and I’m hoping to see her evolution as Esta including the chance to watch her martial arts moves in future episodes of the series “Into The Badlands”.

In 2015, Heighlen has already appeared on several episodes of the Emma Roberts series “Scream Queens” and 2016 is going to be even more fabulous one for her. She’s already slated to guest-star on “Sleepy Hollow” and will be seen in the upcoming show “Quarry” that tells of a Marine who returns from the Vietnam war only to be chastised by the public including his loved ones. She may be a budding newcomer but already she’s endearingly impressed and the sky’s the limit for this comely blonde.

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