Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 10 Dec 2015

Jill Evyn in “Adaline”


– Psychological terror is making its presence felt in numerous indie films and the fetching Jill is perfectly cast as Daniela in “Adaline” that’s peppered with thrilling twists.
– She’s beautifully engaging as Daniela, the young artist who comes into inheritance of an old house that becomes the harrowing source of her nightmares.
– Jill is noted for her portrayal as a much desired lesbian actress in “Anatomy of a Love Seen” which showcased her relatable magnetism and sensuality.

Jaclyn Hales in “Christmas Eve”


– Many would have already seen her red-carpet photos at the premiere of her movie “Christmas Eve” and she is certifiably a darling in her elegant black dress.
– She’s also been hanging out with Sir Patrick Stewart who plays a rather grumpy figure in the film about six diverse groups of New Yorkers trapped inside elevators on Christmas Eve.
– With her leading lady role in the sci-fi flick “Alienate” releasing next year and her effortless charm on camera, Jaclyn is transitioning from indie sweetheart to a must-watch screen siren.

Annemarie Pazmino in “Army Dog”


– When we talk about cuties for life, Annemarie has to be rated highly in the adorable stakes and she’s been a sizzler both in indie films as well as television.
– Catch her as Laurie Holloway, the wife of Casper Van Dien’s Army Sargent Tom Holloway in “Army Dog” that tells of his relationship with his loyal bomb sniffing dog Conner.
– I’m blessed to have her autograph which she so graciously sent all the way from the US and I can’t wait to see more of her in luscious and fine fettle up on screen.

Julie Marie Hassett in “Blood Redd”


– Yet again, the unveils the most enticing women to have grace it and Julie is a head-turner in the much beloved genre.
– With her obvious feminine wiles, it’s no surprise that she plays a dangerously sexy werewolf in the indie horror movie “Blood Redd”.
– As she’s juggling acting and producing duties on a number of upcoming features, Julie’s steadily establishing her appeal on both sides of the camera.

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