British Vixen: Gabriela Hersham


Immaculately elegant Gabriela Hersham belongs to the pantheon of women who are the mesmerizers of the indie genre. With the DVD release of “Crying Wolf 3D” this week, catch this leading lady as Milly and who also happens to be the leader of a pack of werewolves that have descended upon the town of Deddington. Indie films and the actress who front them are a match in heaven as Gabriela makes for one very tempting Lycan. I could almost see her locking horns with someone like Kate Beckinsale’s character Selina from the Underworld franchise seeing how Gabriella and her are vamps onscreen. “Crying Wolf 3D” may verve into campy horror at times but there’s a certain fascination with werewolves as much as its contemporaries such as zombies and vampires.

It’s been a while since we’ve been treated to the comedy horror that once made “An American Werewolf in London” a cult hit and “Crying Wolf 3D” does has its own share of tomfoolery amidst the carnage. Gabriela has once remarked in an interview that she gravitates towards the roles that let her unleash with hints of crazy behaviour that pushes her boundaries and she does infuse her character Milly with a saucy vigour. She’s used her feminine allure to good effect before in her feature, “American Gypsy” as a disturbed young woman, who takes on different disguises to seduce men and then rob them. With Gabriela, she’s more than just a pretty face and there’s going to be many more moments to covet this stealing beauty.

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