Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Kylie Riddle


It’s always a moment to to savour when a resplendent screen hottie grabs our attention and the strikingly magnetic Kylie Riddle who has the budding potential to make waves. She’s also hails from Broadbeach which is on the Gold Coast and an amazing place that I’m familiar with having resided there for years, including being hanging out with uni friends at the picturesque beaches of Broadbeach. Recently I came across a wealth of Aussie talents in the music scene and similarly Kylie is flying the flag for emerging actresses from Down Under who have a mesmerising presence in indie films.

Here’s the interview with the lovely Kylie who will no doubt have a bright future ahead:

1. You recently won a best actress highest achievement award at the 2015 Australian Screen Industry Awards. Can you tell us what was that momentous feeling like and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

Being nominated was exciting enough, as I was voted by my peers and industry professionals. Winning The Best Actress Highest Achievement Award was a huge compliment and extremely humbling. Being recognised for the hard work you put it and seeing people appreciate what you do, is a really nice feeling. In saying that, I love to act, and awards come secondary to my goal of being able to do what I love every day. I hope in the future I inspire people to chase their goals through me being able to achieve mine in acting.

2. Australian actresses such as yourself have always won the hearts of audiences across the globe? What do you think are the appeal of Aussie talents and what are the type of roles you can’t wait to revel in?

The Australian culture is quite to different to many places. In general we are quite laid back, but when the times comes, we know how to put our head down and work hard. Acting in Australia can have long stints of training and getting ready, so when that big opportunity arises, we are ready. After having a few trips to LA for acting and training, it puts even more of a fire in your belly to come home and work even harder.
Iv’e always been quite an active person, and that hasn’t changed. I really enjoy being in action films, it adds a different element which is exciting.


3. Having been part of features that span various genres, which are the one you find most comfortable with and do you think there has been a stronger presence of female characters onscreen?

I am really grateful for the opportunities i’ve had to be able to play a variety of genres. This year being able to be in the series Nameless, directed by US/Aus Director Michael Samer, was great, because he writes strong female characters, and lets you really get into the role, and play with the vulnerable side of the character as well. I enjoy all genres, however I have taken the biggest liking to action based films with a hint of drama, and I feel challenged yet comfortable in these roles. I grew up as a girl with a barbie in one hand and a water pistol in the other. I think my path in acting reflects that too. I think this is why I enjoy a strong female action role (love kicking butt with the fight choreography!). There is always the great challenge of understanding people become strong because of difficult times they may have faced in their life, which can bring strength, but also vulnerability. The action figure doesn’t fight because they just like to, it’s because they care about a cause, finding that deep cause is all part of the fun, as well as keeping the femininity within the strong character. We definitely are seeing a stronger female presence in these types of roles. Being part of the pilot 3010: The Righteous Path, a great sci-fi/Action/Drama, that is going to generate many strong roles for females in the industry.

4. Who would be the actors you would most love to work with and why?

There are just so many amazing actors that inspire me, on and off screen. Although I don’t have kids, it would be like picking my favorite child.

5. In your opinion, are distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences important as an entertainer?

I think all these qualities are important. Keeping grounded and knowing who you are and not finding success in what you achieve is really important to me. I found once you understand yourself, you become free to dive into characters deeper and it comes for the love of the craft, I think that shines through and draws people in more, as it is more genuine, which in turn allows you to connect with audiences a lot easier, and hopefuly create a heartfelt connection.


Do check out her IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6262098/

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