Canadian Vixen: Mercedes de la Zerda


The stunning Mercedes de la Zerda represents the allure of captivating starlets in this new golden age of television and we’re blessed to be able to appreciate this beauty. She has a recurring role on the Netflix series “Hemlock Grove” and for those who love binge-watching look out her character Sophia. She’s mostly in scenes with fellow honey Kaniehtiio Horn who plays Destiny Rumancek, the sassy female figure and Romani witch on “Hemlock Grove”. Mercedes is also slated to be part of an all-star cast in “War for the Planet of the Apes” which will surely catapult her into global affection.


Mercedes has certainly been a dazzler in several TV shows namely “Motive” and “Bates Motel” on top of appearing alongside Eliza Dushku who of course was the dream girl for many a couch potato. It goes to show that brunettes do have an innate seductiveness and likewise olive-skin hottie Mercedes should amass her share of devotees with ease. Her cuteness is heavenly and she’ll charm your socks off! With her currently juggling filming duties as well as her stint on several plays, Mercedes is quite the busy gal and this can only pave the way for her to win us over in sizzling fashion.

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