Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Hayley McLaughlin


If ever there was a reason to fall at the feet of a Scottish Goddess, now would be the time to fawn over the comely Hayley McLaughlin. She’s set to make an enthralling appearance on this week’s episode of “The Librarians” entitled ‘And the Happily Ever Afters’. It’s fair to say it’s time to start obsessing over Hayley for she’s a future screen darling with the bewitching facets to rock your world!

Here’s the interview with the genial and luscious Hayley:

1. You will be in the 2nd Season of “The Librarians”. What are your most memorable moments on the show?

I have lots of memorable moments from filming THE LIBRARIANS. The main draw for me was working with the amazing cast, crew and fantastic director Rod Hardy. The whole Production team up in Oregon were so welcoming and made me feel so at home. It is always a little daunting walking on to a set where the regular cast are already a bonded family unit, but everyone made the experience so memorable. The first day of shooting, was filming a real ‘action’ type scene; lots of running around all over the place. Growing up watching ER, it was a little surreal running circles around THE Noah Wyle and the fantastic John Laroquette. What a way to get thrown in the deep end! I am also so glad that Production were keen on me using my own Scottish Accent. This is rare, very rare for me! Usually it is English, or American. It is such a fun show, and I am honored to be part of the magical adventure.

2. Did you get to work with Rebecca Romijn and what are the actors you would most love be in a feature with?

I was lucky enough to work with all of the cast. Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth are such talented actresses, I learned a lot from them. Christian Kane and John Kim were awesome to work with and of course Noah Wyle and John Laroquette that I mentioned before. I had the pleasure of working with South African Actor David S. Lee too. All the cast are so talented, and in tune with their characters. I would love to work with all of them again in Season 3! I am hoping that the show is renewed. There is nothing like it on TV at the moment, and THE LIBRARIANS fans are just the best! If this doesn’t happen, then it would be an honor to work with any one of them in the future.

3. Having appeared on both Television and Film, can you tell us what makes each medium unique and what are the types of genre you gravitates towards the most?

Having appeared in Film, TV and Theatre, I notice that filming for TV is so much quicker than Film. There’s not the luxury of time; a lot more pressure to get it right the first time. With Film and Theatre, I feel there is more time to develop the character. With Television, I think the audition is a huge opportunity to showcase your take on the character- whether right or wrong, at least it will have an impact. When walking onto a TV set, the more adaptable and quick on your feet, the better. The whole schedule can be buggered if you fail to hit the mark on more than one occasion- I speak from experience! I love that in all three mediums, you can tell a story, – whether to a live audience, to an audience at home or in a Movie Theatre. I gravitate toward Film and TV, the whole on set atmosphere, the magic worked in the editing bay, and most of all, allowing that wee lens to peep into your soul. That still gives me shivers.


4. How is the Scottish film industry different from say Hollywood and what have you been most proud of as an actress with Scottish roots?

Some of my favourite Movies hail from Scotland; Trainspotting, Braveheart, and most recently Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender. I am so proud to be from a country with so much beauty and History, it is a dream land for anyone with a creative mind. I do feel, that I make my living as an actor more easily in the US; I am so blessed to have so many wonderful opportunities. There are no limits, just endless possibilities. It would be a dream for me to be involved in a Scottish Movie (Trainspotting 2! cough cough) or TV series. I am so lucky that my Management has bases all over the world. In this day and age, location shouldn’t hold you back from anything. No words can describe how proud I am to be Scottish. It is not something us humble Brits like to brag about! I am also proud to say my Green Card was approved for this fantastic country. Last year, I wouldn’t have thought this was possible. It is my little American dream!

5. In your opinion, do you think women are having a much larger presence onscreen and what can audiences look forward to seeing from your upcoming projects?

I think we are getting there. There is still work to do, and it is so great that this issue is now finally at the forefront of many discussions; with amazing women such as Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Patricia Arquette spearheading the way, there is no going back! The pay gap is a huge deal, I think a good way to start would be to address this ridiculous obsession with the ‘perfect woman’ that we get plastered with on a daily basis. I don’t believe any woman should feel the need to hamper to anyone’s ideal; if work is your number one priority right now. Great! If babies are. Great! If your clothes are. Great! etc etc.. I believe women can have it all. I have been fortunate to work with fantastic male and female directors so far. JOY is one of my favorite movies this year, starring Jennifer Lawrence, along with other powerful female characters. It is based on real life, and is a must- see! I, for one, felt very empowered after seeing this.

You can catch me this December 20th @ 8/7c on TNT’s THE LIBRARIANS, (Dec 21st on SyFy for UK audience) I have a few really exciting Features that are set for 2016 release, watch this space….Thank you so much Haren! You are the best, and I am thankful for you encouraging women in the business.


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