Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 21 Dec 2015

1. Lisa Coronado in “Z-Nation”


– “Z-Nation” has become such a hit show thanks to the fascinatingly grounded characters and Lisa shines yet again as Dr Merch who returns in the finale this week. One has to love that Dr Merch has the ambiguous nature of being good or evil depending on perspectives.
– She was the one responsible for infecting Murphy, the only known human who is immune to the apocalyptic zombie virus. Was she actually doing it for the greater good and there lies the impressive depiction by the talented Lisa in playing this woman making the hard decisions.
– With her youthful essence, Lisa has such a wholesome appeal you won’t mind her playing “evil” and itching to discover the path that Dr Merch takes in Season 3.

2. Jen Pogue in “The Masked Saint”


– We’re head over heels in adoration for Canadian actresses and why not when there’s blossoming actress Jen Pogue illuminating the big screen.
– She’s starring in “The Masked Saint” which is due for release pretty soon in her role as Mindy, the down on her luck neighbour of the pastor who returns to the life he once knew so well as an iconic wrestler.
– Known for taking multi-faceted roles and excelling at being unconventionally charming, this endearing beauty could be on her way to a bright career.

3. Olivia Taylor Dudley in “The Magicians”


– The meteoric rise of Olivia Taylor Dudley is a feat to behold and she’s currently giving us a taste of her dazzling polish on the Syfy Channel.
– In the thrilling new series “The Magicians”, she stars as the bespectacled, introverted Alice Quinn, a natural magician with a dark legacy who opens up to the show’s protagonist Quentin Coldwater, a young man who himself is discovering his own magical abilities.
– Having already terrified audiences recently as the Anti-Christ in “The Vatican Tapes”, it’s great to see the always engaging Olivia segue into a more benevolent persona albeit with her own set of insecurities.

4. Elizabeth Frances in “Her Story”


– The indie genre has a captivating pool of actresses who are delectably easy on the eyes and Elizabeth is one such face who is deserving of flourishing affection.
– She can be seen in the LGBT film “Her Story” which delves into the lives and countless struggles of trans as well as queer woman in having their voices heard in the society today.
– We do need more fresh faces to thrive and having impressed in the Sundance Hit “Drunktown’s Finest” and “Ghost Forest”, another film festival fave, Elizabeth should be looked upon with a lovable eagerness.

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