Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Denyc


Denyc is a Glam Goddess endowed with multi-faceted talents that will ensure she sets hearts aflutter in no time. Already an award-winning actress, Denyc is showcasing to the world how the web has its own superstars such as herself who are creating as well as fronting entertaining shows that are essential viewing. Women Of The Web are now as coveted as their peers on TV/Film so making Denyc your favourite actress should be a cert.

Here’s the interview with the engagingly stunning Denyc:

1. You recently won a best actress award for your performance in the web series “California Roll”. Can you tell us what was that momentous feeling like and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

Once it hit me that I had actually won the award, the feeling was amazing! I felt grateful to be recognized for a comedic performance. Especially since I was also producing and doing so much work behind the camera. It made the on camera recognition even more special. In the future, it would be nice to win more awards lol, but really what I want to achieve is filming sci-fi action features all over the world, and of course to throw in a little comedy too!


2. Being a comedic actress, who or what was your inspiration crafting “California Roll” and what can viewers expect to see in the upcoming 2nd Season?

I would say the biggest inspiration was everyday life. I just took all the things that Angelenos go through on a daily driving basis and wrote a show around it. Some of the characters were created later, when I wanted to make sure the show had a variety of different personalities, but the basis of the show was just – stuff that happened to me while driving. Since the first season ended on a cliffhanger you can expect some answers in season two along with new body parts, crazy uncles, and let’s see… how about a puppy. Anything can happen, you just have to wait and see!


3. With the emergence of shows such as “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Master Of None”, do you think this is the time for Asian talents to shine and why do you think there’s a big shift in terms of their appeal?

I definitely do. Finally there are people wanting my look on camera, woo hoo! Although, being called ‘ethnically ambiguous’ isn’t technically the politically correct term lol, I am still excited to not feel out of place anymore. I can’t explain the shift, other than it’s probably just becoming more common to see mixed races now, so it’s more appealing and in demand on screen. Plus I feel that our generation is much more relaxed about race, and that translates to what we want to see in our entertainment.


4. As an entertainer, would having a distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences be the most important asset?

I love the way you worded that question, each one has it’s appeal and each one is valuable. If I had to pick one I would say connecting to the audience is most important. We all want to connect to each other, and that is the beauty of art, it allows us to do so on a deeper level. Being vulnerable as an artist is what I think creates talent and distinctiveness.

5. Please give us a tease of your upcoming projects and why audiences should go to see them?

I’ve got a few really cool things happening. A lot of it has to do with writing currently. Once those things make it to the big screen I can tell you that if you don’t go see them, you’re gonna regret it, because these films are full of suspense, action, and just pure entertainment.


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