Canadian Vixen: Kassandra Santos


The indie genre has regularly given us beautiful,talented women and the enchanting Kassandra Santos is one such eye-catching actress. She stars in the horror film “AntiSocial 2” which fans of the first film “AntiSocial” will know that a worldwide epidemic of crazed behaviour is triggered by a virus from a website. The chilling sequel sees the infection spreading throughout the globe and desperate measures are called upon to find a cure. Kassandra’s character plays an integral part in trying to find the holy grail to stopping this most terrifying of contagions! This is the time to witness the rise of Canadian sirens such as Kassandra who has the beguiling qualities to shine.

Here’s Kassandra giving us an insight into her role in “Anti-Social 2” and some of her future projects:

I played a character named Olivia who’s a nurse at the compound. She’s Max’s right hand and we’re never quite sure watching their interaction if there is or once was something between them. As the audience meets her, they will see someone who does what she’s told and she does her job well. However, as the story unfolds, the audience will see someone struggling with her loyalty to Max and her job and see compassion and her sense of morality take over. I had a lot of fun playing her:) As for anything upcoming…I’m a new mom to my daughter Lily who is now almost 8 months old so I haven’t had any major projects since Anti-Social 2. I was actually pregnant when we were filming and the cast and crew didn’t yet know cause it was fairly early in my pregnancy. I even had to figure out how to do one of my stunts as carefully as possible without spilling the beans…lol.

I’ve been doing some voice over work and on camera hosting since Lily’s birth but now she’s a bit older and so I feel ready to take on something a bit more demanding and fun. I have it pretty good cause when I do pick up work, my fiancé Ari Millen (Orphan Black, Rupture) is the one who stays home with her when I do work and he’s not filming. The next year should be pretty exciting. Ari’s finishing filming season 4 of Orphan Black and we’re planning our wedding which will be in late August. It’s all a fine balancing act but we love what we do and I know I’m super excited for whatever comes my way next.

With “Orphan Black” being such a global hit, we would love to see Kassandra guest-starring in an episodic arc someday. Her prospective transition from indie starlet to TV honey will no doubt be welcomed with avidity.

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