Indie Darling: Samantha Scaffidi


It goes without saying that we adore the talented women fronting indie cinema and blossoming enchanter Samantha Scaffidi is a cert for perpetual ardor. This elegant sweetheart is adeptly versatile in a host of genres, from being in the gender-reversal comedy “Sam” to an upcoming appearance in the horror film “Terrifier”. In “Sam”, she play the titular character Sam’s ex girlfriend, Georgette, who is currently engaged to Stephen, whom he plays football with on the weekends. Sam is the shameless womaniser who wakes up one day to discover he’s transformed into the opposite sex and hilarity ensues as he tries to cope being a she! In the tradition of scary clowns like “IT”, we get a new take on the deep-rooted fear some of us have for clowns in “Terrifier”. Many of us would just love to see how Samantha’s character Victoria fits into this macabre tale of terror. If you taught Penelope Cruz was hot, then it’s time to be swayed into adulation for the equally photogenic who has an undeniable charisma on and off screen.

She has previously been pretty busy working on a independent narrative feature which she was exec-producing/producing/acting in. Samantha also has a wave of features coming out in 2016 which should thrust into adoring view. She’s set to star in the culture-clash comedy “American Fango” next year which already has a bevy of indie actresses which I’m blessed to call friends who have been with me ever since I started featuring them on this blog. With her own star on an upwards trajectory, Samantha could become a favourite leading lady in the months ahead.


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