Rising Starlet: Kate McDaniel



Comedic actresses have a place in our hearts and Kate McDaniel is a promising talent with a vivacious personality to be ardently intrigued. She’s appearing in this week’s episode of “Modern Family” called “Playdates” as Carol, a wife whose husband is the crush for the impressionable Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). At the behest of her father Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) who encourages her to pursue her supposed intended not knowing that she actually has feelings for older men! In one of the most rib-tickling episodes of the hit series, Kate’s appearance is a meaty one and her chemistry with Eric from the very start is so natural as her character Carol who is from Canada is made to feel welcomed. She’s the epitome of all that is sprightly and her scenes will be enjoyed with much ardor. At a time when women on TV are becoming a firm favourite, there’s always room to shower up and coming actresses such as Kate with our love.

Comedy could well be one of the hardest art form and Kate makes it look easy, seizing the opportunity to engage in the memorable repartee that’s made “Modern Family” such a phenomenon. You can also watch Kate in the youtube series “JustBoobs Sketch” where she covers all that besets lady kind with the humorous touch that goes a long way. Seeing how she’s bound to generate much interest after her role in “Modern Family”, the sky’s the limit for this burgeoning comedienne.

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