Rising Starlet: Zoe Cleland


We love our riveting women from Canada and the charming Zoe Cleland will soon be catching our eye in 2016. This week, she’s guest-starring in the must follow detective series “Murdoch Mysteries” starring the ever suave Yannick Bisson. We’ve seen how women are ruling on television and film especially the indie genre so with Zoe in the mix, there’s every chance she’ll be given her spot to dazzle in the limelight in due time.

Here’s the lovely Zoe giving us a tease of her appearance on “Murdoch Mysteries” and her current projects including one that has a rather risqué title:

I’ve actually been on murdoch mysteries twice (as 2 different characters!). The first time was in season 1 when I was 15 years old…I guest starred as a british orphan who was being abused by her stepfather. In the episode I am in most recently that will air as part of season 9, I play a young mother who becomes involved in a case related to a bank robbery (I don’t think I should say more without giving away the end). As for other shows I have been on, have had recurring roles in Reign (CW network) and guidance (bite tv), as well as guest starring in “Saving Hope”. Recently, I played a young Jewel Staite (you might know her from Stargate Atlantis and the killing) in a film called “How to plan an orgy in a small town”. Lauren Holly (dumb and dumber, NCIS) plays my mother…essentially I am the lead for the first 10 minutes and then jewel Staite becomes my older self. The film recently won the Jury award for Best Canadian Feature Film at the edmonton film festival….and is currently touring film festivals across north america.


With her emergence as an indie sweetheart what with “How to plan an orgy in a small town” premiering at Slamdance 2016, she could be threading the path of a star on the ascendency. This year Zoe has already appeared on the medical drama “Saving Hope” extending her enchanting qualities further having also been on the hit show “Reign”. She has the endearing features that one would associate with actresses such as Brie Larson and with her being the youngest actor ever to attend the National Theatre School, Canada’s leading conservatory training program, Zoe is both a beauty as well as a prodigious talent.

Do drop by the ZOE CLELAND OFFICIAL SITE to check our her amazing reel and keep up with all the latest updates.

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