Sizzling Cutie: Loretta Kung


The vivacious Loretta Kung is surely on her way to enthral our hearts and this Chinese-Australian starlet is making her mark this week. She’s starring in the six part comedy miniseries “The Family Law” which makes its premiere on the Aussie SBS channel starting Jan 14. Be treated to the humour filled antics of a Chinese-Australian family that’s as authentic as it gets. While the predominantly Asian cast may be taking a strong lead, the core values and tribulations of the familial unit will resonate with anyone around the world. Playing Aunty Daisy, it will be fascinating to see Loretta’s introduction into this dysfunctional dynamic. Loretta does exude the ambrosial yet sassy features that’s certain to be engaging.

Here’s the lovely Loretta giving us an insight into her endeavours on film:

Radio Treason: I was really excited when I was casted in “Radio Treason” because not only did I get offered one role but two roles. I knew it would be challenging but I always loved a good challenge because I know I will learn so much! For the character Kameko, a wife of a Lieutenant, I had learn to speak Japanese for my scenes. Even though I speak fluent Cantonese Chinese, this was the first time I have acted in another language other then english. I had to transform myself by doing a lot of research on Japan during the 1900’s to find out what it was like to be a woman and a wife. I fully immersed myself in learning about the culture and customs so I can be as truthful to the character as possible. She was a wife and mother and had to deal with her husband being seduced by the western world.

Her fears became a reality when she discovered that her husband had fallen in loved an American girl while he was studying in American. It was very interesting journey, as women do not have the freedom as we do now in the modern western society. There were a lot of similarities to my Chinese heritage and I was able to draw from that. My character really came alive when I put on Kimono for the very first time. It was an amazing feeling. For my other character, Cho Mie, I was really able to draw a lot my on personal experiences from when my family migrated from Hong Kong to Australia. Cho Mie was born in Japan but raised in Australia. I was really able to dig deep and empathized the struggled she when through. It would have been a very difficult time being a Japanese living in a foreign country during WWII. For this role I had to speak in English with a Japanese accent.

Upcoming Project: “Garrison 7 – War is coming” I am so excited about my next film!!! It is a science fiction film and I get to play a highly trained female alien assassin name “Tarren Khan”. I can’t wait to put my martial skills into action. I started Chinese boxing and mixed martial arts over 12 months ago. In the last 6 months I have also started knifes weapons (using real knifes) and have only managed to cut my self once! With my dance background I have learnt to love this new form of art! This will be my first action film and it has always been my dream to be an action hero. I am really looking forward to doing all my own stunts and getting to kick some arse. This will be a very athletic role which will involve knife, sword and archery training with some of the best weapon specialist in the industry. Filming will take place in the USA and Australia through to early 2016.

Loretta has the innate talents to be adaptable with any given role and with an ever impressive run in the indie genre, she’s part of the Aussie invasion that we’ve come to love so dearly.

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