Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 17 Jan 2016

Annie Chang in “Shades Of Blue”


– Keep your eyes fixated on Annie Chang in her recurring role as Molly Chen in the gritty new drama “Shades Of Blue” alongside Jennifer Lopez and Warren Kole in the 2nd Episode ‘Original Sin’. She’s the sassy, straight-laced FBI agent in a world mired with corruption.
– As Molly, Annie gets to pull a gun on J-Lo who stars as Harlee Santos, the mole with plenty of demons herself. A show like “Shades Of Blue” deals with many grey areas of the law and it will be fascinating to see if Annie’s Molly crosses that fine line in future episodes.
– It’s high time we get our fix of stories centered on complex, riveting women in the world of television and it’s great to see Annie representing diversity whilst sinking her teeth into a role that has a prominence to the storyline.

Aurélie Meriel in “Admiral”


– When you chanced upon a Goddess such as the ravishing Aurélie Meriel, jumping at the chance to feature her is always a must and the world will soon come to covet her name.
– This Paris-born enchanter is set to sizzle our world in the bio-adventure flick “Admiral” alongside Charles Dances of “Game Of Thrones” fame and with her innate sex appeal as well as acting elegance, Aurélie is a sexy vision on so many levels.
– It’s no surprise she excelled at being the femme fatale in the action movie “Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines” and for being a screen temptation for many years to come.

Jen Kuhn in “Western Religion”


– She first caught the eye at the prestigious Dances With Films in the short film “Wholehearted” which laid the foundation for her to thrive as a talent to adore.
– In tandem with her work in the indie genre, she also worked on a number of TV shows leading to her apppearances in several hit shows notably in “Castle” and “Scorpion” in 2015.
– Don’t miss her in the indie poker cum western drama “Western Religion” set in the 1800s and with that heartwarming smile of hers, Jen’s vivacity is very becoming of a starlet we should be admiring in droves.

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