British Vixen: Nicole Faraday


The UK is becoming the epicentre of esteemed talents and Nicole Faraday is once such thespian with wonderful promise. This gorgeous actress is starring in the revenge thriller “Kill Kane” playing Kim Brookes, the wife of the character Vinnie Jones is essaying which is a surprising turn in itself. Abandoning his screen forays as mostly villains most recently on “Arrow”, he’s a force of nature only this time around he’s a broken man seeking vengeance for the murder of his beloved family. This is Nicole’s 2nd role in a film with gangster elements having starred in “Top Dog” which premiered at Cannes. Blessed with drop dead gorgeous curves and classic blonde beauty foxiness, Nicole has proven to be a cut above just being a pretty face having garnered awards for her work on television as well as theatre. Seeing how she’s also steadily making a beguiling mark on us thanks to her sterling film work, there’ll be more awards coming her way pretty soon.

It’s apt that her onscreen versatility has seen Nicole shine in the persona of women who are nice, naughty and sometimes with shades of a dark side. Plus viewers would say a big yes to her sexy British accent which instantaneously seems to have an endearing effect on you no matter where you are in the world. Nicole is one of Britain’s rising stars and in 2016 she could make it a mesmerizing year indeed.

Be sure to visit the NICOLE FARADAY OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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