Rising Starlet: Hope Lauren


Once more we’ve introduced to the delectable women of TV Land and this time around upcoming actress Hope Lauren is set to grab all the attention. She’s appearing as Bizzaro Girl in “Supergirl” who will ultimately face the Girl Of Steel in what is certain to be an epic showdown. Seeing how she’s the antithesis of the always benevolent Supergirl, much interest is set to be trained on the very charming Hope who will thread the dark side to play this twisted doppleganger. She may still be in a semi-comatose state but rest assured come the episode ‘Bizzaro’ slated for Feb 1st, Bizzaro Girl has Supergirl in her sights and with nefarious motives of course. Will we get to see Bizzaro Girl’s abilities such as flame breath and solid vision among others seeing how she has all of Supergirl’s traits but in reverse and is she going to be full on evil? It’s been hinted at that there may yet be a glimmer of hope for Hope’s Bizzaro and we can’t wait to see her shine in the duality of this super-villain personality.

Hope is also guest-starring on the quirky TV series “Togetherness” in its sophomore season as we follow the grind of being middle-age parents and single thirty-omethings which has the amazing cast of Mark Duplass, Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet, and Steve Zissis. Can’t wait to get an interview with Hope in the coming weeks to gain some juicy details on what her best moments were working on the pair of enthralling shows “Supergirl” as well as “Togetherness”. As a fan of women that have captured our hearts during this mesmerising age in television, Hope’s emergence as a sweetheart of the small screen is to be lauded. She’s been on “Last Man Standing”, “Faking It” and is set to enchant in the upcoming 2nd season of “Agent Carter” which stars Hayley Atwell. Being a fixture week in, week out surely has to install Hope as one of our most favoured darlings on TV and we are more than thrilled about it!

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