Sundance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Esperanza America


Indie fever is in the air and so will devoted eyes be trained on the emerging actresses such as the lovely Esperanza America. She is appearing in Rob Zombie’s “31”, the horror flick that has clowns and an insane level of gore, comparable to his work on “The Devil’s Rejects”. Premiering on 23rd January at Sundance, Esperanza is slated to attend so all indie fans keep a lookout for this Mexican-American actress who is on her way to becoming an indie starlet. She has those sexy curves which of course augments her beguiling appeal and thanks to Mr Rob Zombie, we get to see her blossom at another film festival that’s lauded around the world. Having already traveled around the world promoting her film work from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the CurteCinima Festival in Rio De Janeiro, the moviegoers in Utah will get a taste of this fascinating young actress.

Esperanza was quite the temptation in the hit series “Southland” back in 2011 and she also guest-starred in an episode of “Single Ladies” just last year. One has to adore how she’s juggling both TV and indie film roles which we know to be such hot property in the now of entertainment. What she has in store will be watched ardently and Sundance 2016 will be the perfect time for her to hit all the sweet spots.

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