Sundance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Lyndsi LaRose


This week the most gorgeous women are making their presence felt and the luscious Lyndsi LaRose is about to enchant film festival attendees. She will appear in the action drama “Sleight” starring Dulé Hill of “Psych” fame which has a screening at this year’s Sundance. It’s about a street magician who employs his guile to save his kidnapped sister when he gets into trouble with his drug supplier. A stunner onscreen and on the red carpet, the voluptuous Lyndsi LaRose is yet another up and coming young actress that the world will come to adore. Lyndsi had an eventful 2015 having been on “Insurgent”, the 2nd instalment of the huge franchise The Divergent Series and followed that up with “Ant Man” which we know already has a sequel introducing The Wasp in the works.

Known for her effervescence and the easy-going, infectious ability to make us laugh on as well as off screen, Lyndsi is making a mark as a comedienne. She did debut on the hilarious hit “Workaholics” and went on to co-star on the FX sitcom Saint George with American comedian George Lopez. It’s no surprise that her comedy troupe “Radcliffe” perform to sell out shows regularly showcasing her rib-tickling skills with bewitching verve. 2016 is surely going to be an exciting year and thanks to Sundance, we are treated to the beauty and buoyant talents of Lyndsi LaRose, comedy’s future star.

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