Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 25 Jan 2016

Leslie Murphy in “Criminal Minds”


– Don’t miss Leslie Murphy in the newest episode of “Criminal Minds” entitled ‘Drive’ as she plays Detective Connie Lawlor who assists the BAU in a macabre case where victims are beheaded by way of guillotine.
– This charismatic actress puts in a sterling performance at the head of the investigative table no less alongside our beloved team of Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson and A.J. Cook.
– Noted for her soulful work in the indie genre, it’s great to see Leslie transitioning into yet another one of our beloved women on the small screen.

Courtney Hope in “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”


– The Divergent Series which already has Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz in its foxy ranks just became a whole lot sexier with the introduction of the new character Anna played by the exquisite Courtney Hope in “Allegiant”.
– It’s a persona specially created for this third outing of the trilogy and with the enigmatic Courtney at the helm, expect an intriguing entrance from her in the hit franchise.
– Sci-fi is certainly one of her fortes having also starred in “Quantum Break” with Shawn Ashmore, the film tie-in cum X-box title that boosts gaming into an amazing level.

Doris Morgado in “Colony”


– An award-winning actress for her indie feature “Blackhats”, sexy starlet Doris Morgado should be warranting a wave of adoration.
– In the 2nd episode of the new sci-fi series “Colony”, she’s playing Lucie the wife of Carlos, co-mechanic of the protagonist Will Bowman (Josh Holloway), who are both pawns in a world where extra-terrestrials have conquered Planet Earth.
– Doris has such a serene beauty onscreen that viewers will empathise with her character’s plight as she and her son can only look forlornly as her husband Carlos is arrested on account of his involvement with Will.

Jamie Carroll in “Madoff”


– The beautiful Jamie Carroll has surfaced as a darling of indie films and now she’s on course to enchant us in the upcoming TV movie “Madoff” alongside Richard Dreyfuss.
– She stars as Shana Madoff, the niece of one of the most controversial figures in history, Bernie Madoff who the world regard as being the mastermind of the most epic fraud! However, her involvement in the scandal is still up for intense debate.
– A genuine captivator be it on screen or print as seen in one of the promotional shots from “Madoff”, this would be the moment she gets to dazzle audiences.

Jenna Saras in “Black Sails”


– The multi-faceted entertainer Jenna is appearing in the season premier of “Black Sails” already into its 3rd Season and touted as the most explosive one yet!
– This Johannesburg-born cutie is flying the flag for South African talents and we’re already entranced knowing that she’s also a Model /Skateboarder/Martial Artist/ Stuntwoman.
– Last year she had a role in “Momentum”, the action thriller starring Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman which was filmed in her abode down in Cape Town. She could well be on the pulse of much interest in this new year.

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