Sundance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Jen Tullock


The film festival circuit is where we so often chanced upon the gems of the indie genre and Jen Tullock is one such beguiling talent. She stars in “Partners”, an official short film selection at Sundance and delves into the lives of a lesbian couple stuck in a rut when it comes to their sex lives. Will they be able to overcome their desires to salvage their relationship? Jen has already been praised as a spirited performer with an impeccable timing and she is on her way to wow audiences at Sundance. Together with her co-star Hannah Pearl Utt, Jen’s also pulling double duty as the writer of “Partners” so we can’t wait to be entertained by her distinctive touch that has lively humour in mind.

Keeping up with the amazing group of women on both film as well as TV is pure bliss what with them being eye-catching day on day. This week is certainly becoming one where women are the force of enchantment and it’s great to see Jen playing her part in making us swoon. She is a whiz at embodying her multiple alter egos onscreen most often in the name of making us laugh so she has most of us in the palm of her lovely hands. Even in the darkest of times, women comediennes such as the vivacious Jen should be applauded for lifting the gloom that we may have in our lives. Her mesmerising blue eyes does potently augment her charisma and she could yet be joining the list of breakout indie actresses in this most riveting year.

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