Indie Darlings To Crave @ Sundance Film Festival 2016

Maria Dizzia in “Christine”


– Maria delivers a must see performance in “Christine”, a tale about a smart, attractive, 29-year-old news reporter blowing her brains out on live television in 1974.
– She shines in the most emotive moments of the film as Jean Reed, the protege of the tragic reporter Christine Chubbuck played by Rebecca Hall.
– Currently one of my fav indie actresses ever, Maria consistently executes the nuances of her characters over the years and she’s just as riveting on TV, having guest-starred on “Master Of None” as well as “Orange Is The New Black”.

Jennifer Prediger in “First Girl I Loved”


– Looking ever so chic, Jennifer has already graced the carpet at the premiere of her film “First Girl I Loved” at Sundance and she stars as Assistant Principal Heather Wiggins in a story about the first crush of a girl with the most popular girl in school.
– She should be celebrated as a favourite with indie fans especially since her impressive turns in previous films such as “Apartment Troubles” and “Applesauce” enthrals as much as they are thought-provoking.
– Jennifer is the epitome of everything that’s so cool about the indie genre, her vivacity coupled with the inventive characterizations on film are thoroughly impactful.

Sarah Hagan in “Dogwalker”


– With Sarah already in attendance at Sundance for the premier of her short film “Dogwalker”, she’s an indie gem audiences should be coveting with avid passion.
– Channeling enchanting quirkiness, we’re treated to the adventures of her character Hazel whose worst fears come true when one of her client’s beloved pets has passed away.
– Remember to check her out in “Sun Choke”, the psychological thriller that won her a Best Performance in a Feature Film award having shone with amazing depth as a psychopath. Sarah’s a fixture on this blog on for she’s such a natural captivator.

Angela Trimbur in “Trash Fire”


– Angela stars as Isabel in “Trash Fire”, the supportive girlfriend of a yuppie (Adrian Grenier) who having lived through a horrific childhood takes out his frustrations on her.
– Her sassiness and sexiness is on a most mesmerising level tempting hearts as well as our loins with her many stirring performances onscreen.
– If you’re addicted to Angela, you are not alone and having been featured on this blog multiple times, she can be lauded as an indie starlet we crave for life!

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