TV Vixens To Crave – Jan 25th to 31st 2016

Megan Peta Hill in “The X-Files”


– The blossoming starlets of the small screen are keeping us entranced and the luminous Australia actress Megan Peta Hill beguiles in a big way on “The X-Files” this week, the revival series destined for fandom once more.
– Catch Megan as Molly Goodman in the 2nd episode ‘Founders Mutation’ as a young girl with potent telekinetic powers ala Scanners. She’s a brunette this time around and commendably navigates the trauma her character faces having been institutionalised.
– Megan also has an upcoming role on the new SyFy series “The Magicians” around mid-February having already guest-starred on the long running hit “Supernatural”.

Jessica Harmon in “The 100”


– Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey are not just the only strong, sexy women in a compelling show as they are now joined by the ravishing Jessica Harmon who plays Niylah in Season 3 of “The 100”.
– She’s more than spicing up the already tense plot, playing the new lover of Eliza’s Clarke and a fan girl of sorts who may just be the newest grounder ally she needs.
– I’m already itching for an interview with the immensely talented Canadian Vixen Jessica who is a trailblazer on television as she’s also eye-catching in the recurring role of FBI Agent Dale Bozzio on “iZombie”.

Rebecca Harris in “Outsiders”


– From indie darling to potential beloved TV enchanter, Rebecca stars in the new series “Outsiders” which pits a mountain clan against pretty much everyone else when greed in the form of a multi-national corporation comes calling.
– She also has a film called “Stay Awake” which is screening at Slamdance 2016 where she’s riveting as a mother of two who is addicted to a prescription drug.
– 2016 sees the rise and rise of Rebecca which means we’ll be hearing even more of this wonderful actress on course to stir our senses.

Katy Colloton in “Teachers”


– If Kristin Wigg is one of the sexiest comediennes on film then Katy Colloton has to be venerated as one of the foxiest in TV Land with her performances on “Teachers.”
– As the spunky Chelsea Snap / Chelsea Sharp, she revels in the sometimes nutty world of this 20-something woman trying to make sense of life as an adult.
– With the twin appeal of having authentic comic chops as well as being a glowing beauty, Katy may soon be a pin-up girl for us who love our humour entertaining and laced with feisty resonance.

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