Indie Darling: Steffinnie Phrommany


Eye-catching actresses do indeed hail from all over the world and Laos-born Steffinnie Phrommany is an enchanter with a most foxy disposition. She stars in “Adulterers” as Jasmine, the woman whose partner Damien (Mehcad Brooks) is caught by a cuckolded husband Samuel (Sean Faris) while mid-coitus with his wife Ashley (Danielle Savre). She exacts her brand of revenge in illicit fashion with Samuel and as they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In keeping with the heat wave that’s depicted in the film, Steffinnie is quite the sultry vision as the tensions reach boiling point in this tale of love gone sour. We sometimes are pushed to do things out of character and Steffinnie shines as Jasmine as she delivers a comeuppance that’s disconcertingly tit-for-tat.

Thought-provoking instances are prevalent in the indie genre and kudos to Steffinnie for delivering one of the more affecting moments in “Adulterers”. Audiences may have also seen her in “Bound”, the S&M themed indie thriller with Charisma Carpenter which of course was riding the wave of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. With her gamely essaying roles that thread the tenebrous slices of life as well as pushing the murky envelope, we are more than ever intrigued at the upcoming features she has in her locker.

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