TV Starlets To Crave – 4 Feb 2016

Megan Heyn in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”


– In ‘I’m Back at Camp with Josh!’, one of the best and most hilarious episodes of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, we get acquainted to the comely Megan who guest-stars as Ashley Pratt, the woman who is the eye-catching attraction of an impromptu party.
– She’s a genuine charmer in her scenes with Santino Fontana (Greg Serrano). Remember to wait until somewhere around the end of the episode when her character drops a bombshell that will have you chuckling, defining what it means to be crazy.
– If television was the medium of choice for audiences who love comedy, Megan most definitely would be the up and coming personality to bring us perpetual joy.

Hope Lauren in “Supergirl”


– Don’t miss Hope as Bizarro who is the latest adversary in “Supergirl”. By the manipulation of the evil Maxwell Lord, the former comatose patient is transformed into a being to rival Supergirl and causes mayhem in her life including inflicting pain on her loved ones.
– We will however see that Bizarro is not beyond redemption and if rumours are right, she may just return to work alongside Supergirl allowing us more glimpses of the sparkling talent that is Hope Lauren.
– TV fans are already jumping on the bandwagon of applauding her portrayal and with another guest-starring role in the acclaimed show “Togetherness”, she’s someone we would find to be highly likeable in the coming months.

Lulu Brud in “Pretty Little Liars”


– Lulu is of course the childhood bestie of Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) and she currently has a recurring role on “Pretty Little Liars” as Sabrina, the pot dealer who is helping Emily (Shay Mitchell) hide a secret and we all know what the consequences are going to be….
– In tandem with her stint on PLL, she’s also active on the indie scene and what better than dual platforms to get to adore this most charismatic actress on the rise.
– Ever since I’ve worked at Zalora, Asia’s Fashion Destination, my appreciation for all things trendy have certainly grown and I for one have to applaud the elegant bohemian chic that Lulu exudes which is thoroughly captivating.

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