Sizzling Cutie: Meryl Hathaway


One only has to glance at the small screen to be enthused with divine actresses such as funny woman Meryl Hathaway. She’s making a sparkling impression this week on “2 Broke Girls” as Rachael, a woman who hits it off with Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) at the Williamsburg Diner. Hilarity ensues when Meryl’s character Rachael invites Caroline to a party and she jumps at the offer seeing how she’s having a minor tiff over their supposedly exclusive monogamous friendship. Playing Rachael, the perky assistant to a rather eccentric cult leader, Meryl effortlessly enhances the comic flavour of what are consistently a talented pool of comediennes on “2 Broke Girls”. Watch the episode ‘And the No New Friends’ and you will find Meryl to be altogether endearing.

She’s certainly incited plenty of laughs before on TV having been in a recurring role on Lisa Kudrow’s series ‘The Comeback’. Meryl has also been striking in the art of drama as well, appearing on Rizzoli & Isles as a grieving widow. It’s no wonder she garnered a Best Actress Award at New York’s First Run Film Festival for her role in the short film Priceless Thing. She starred as Renee who somehow is adamant that her engagement ring was stolen at the medi-pedi salon she had just patronised. Her adaptability in multiple genres is a prized asset indeed and we all know how comedy is streets ahead in terms of gaining that delightful proficiency so kudos to Meryl for being a vision of humorous bliss. Being a honey of course just adds the cherry on top!

Go and visit the MERYL HATHAWAY OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates including some behind the scenes pics of Meryl with Beth Behrs as well as Kat Dennings.

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