Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 7 Feb 2016

Anne Leighton in “Grimm”


– The vivacious Anne Leighton will be on everyone’s lips in the next few months as has a juicy recurring role on “Grimm” as well as a leading role as a witch in the upcoming “Hybrids”.
– With her enchanting presence on “Grimm”, this surely has to install her as a TV darling having already been eye-catching on “Hawaii Five-0”, “CSI: Cyber” and “Nashville”.
– In “Hybrids” which is premiering at the prestigious Sedona Film Fest in February, she channels sultriness as Valantina whose two children, offsprings of the frown-upon union of vampires and witches decide they rather pursue a normal life

Monique Parent & Felissa Rose in “The Last House”

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– If you’re a horror fan, you may already be smitten with both Monique and Felissa seeing how they belong in the pantheon of the sexiest women to have graced the genre.
– Monique affirms her indie horror sexy symbol status as the villainous Selma, part of a trio of escape sociopaths led by Hate (Ezra Buzzington) in “The Last House” and is a visual as well as cerebral temptation from start to finish.
– Felissa is consistently a stunner and even in a cameo role in “The Last House”, she’s a scene stealer and we can’t wait to see her in meatier roles this year with a slate of films that will have you screaming for her.

Missy Yager in “All Mistakes Buried”


– With her riveting film “All Mistakes Buried` available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, cable VOD, Vudu, Google Play, rest assured Missy Yager is set to be thoroughly enchanting through February and beyond.
– Her intense work alongside her husband Sam Trammell of “True Blood” fans will garner her acclaim as their heavily invested scenes together are some of the most affecting ever seen in a noir crime thriller.
– This dazzling couple are re-uniting in the new indie feature “The Track”, a story about under-age prostitution where Missy is the leading lady as Caren who bonds with a young street-walker in Vegas.

Rebecca Galarza in “Missy’s Musical Misadventure”


– Rebecca Galarza is the latest sweetheart to be a face of captivation with her upcoming lead role in the musical short “Missy’s Musical Misadventure”.
– Seeing how IMDB has listed her feature in its must-watch trailer list and with Rebecca illuminating the screen with ease as the lead character Missy, she’s on track to blossom.
– She’s a multi-faceted entertainer with genuinely photogenic qualities, so being fond of this up and coming Latin actress comes naturally seeing how she’s bound to enthral audiences in the fantasy film “King’s Gambit due out soon.

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