Indie Darling: Catherine Cobb Ryan


Sultry and sweet Catherine Ryan Cobb has an endearing glow about her that’s a delight onscreen. She stars in the chilling horror flick “In The Dark” which this week will be premiering at the Beaufort International Film Festival and many more prestigious festivals ahead. With hugely positive buzz about the terror quotient that will be memorable for audiences, catch Catherine in an authentic, riveting performance as resident nurse Joan Mills. Comparisons to “The Exorcist” may emerge however Director David Spaltro has crafted an intelligent film led by a strong cast and has all the makings of a cult hit. Great to see Catherine alongside Grace Folsom who plays her spiritually troubled daughter Bethany Mills who experiences a frightening possession. Just like Grace who has been featured on this blog, the unparalleled geniality of Catherine is one of her many gracious traits and why we should all exalt the women of indie cinema.

Here’s Catherine giving us an insight into her collection of projects including the must-see “In The Dark”:

In “Outliving Emily, the writer director, Eric Weber, cast different actors play the same role during taking a look at the tumultuous marriage of Tim and Emily Hanratty over half a century. I play Miranda in the 5th segment, the mother of the groom who marries their daughter. The highlight for me was playing opposite Andre Braugher and Phylicia Rashad. I spent most of the day dancing and laughing with Andre during the wedding party.

I also have the award winning and critically acclaimed horror/thriller, “…In The Dark”, written and directed by David Spaltro, playing in festivals all over the world. I play one of the four women leads, Joan, the mother of Bethany, who is struggling after a near death accident. We have been very well received and the film is getting rave reviews. I am not a fan of this genre and am a big scaredy cat but managed to overcome my fear to work on this. It’s not a slasher horror but even the psychological tension was unnerving. I got to work with some fabulous actors and a wonderful director.

Adept at both drama and comedy, Catherine has been compared in some circles to Joan Collins, she’s able to essay women of regal distinction as well as those more down to earth. Being enchanting in reel and real life also ensures she’s a charismatic actress we would love to know more about.

Ensure a visit to the CATHERINE COBB RYAN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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