Rising Starlet: Carol Anne Watts


Cutie Carol Anne Watts could well be a burgeoning captivator in the months ahead and she has the ravishing essence to keep us serially fascinated. This luscious brunette can be seen in “The Channel” which judging from the trailer is permeated by a foreboding dread that’s disconcerting. What with the evil female spirit in the vein of Japanese horror, spewing of black goo and skin-crawling sound effects, this is one horror film to give us nightmares. There’s two sub-genres that are currently red hot namely demonic possession flicks as well as comic book adaptations and Carol has been in both. She had a supporting role in Marvel’s “Ant Man” last year and now she’s appearing in scare fest “The Channel”. We’ll just have to tuned in to see if Carol’s character is a survivor in this tale about a woman (Kristen StephensonPino) who has a near-death experience and inadvertently becomes the conduit for an apparition bent on raising hell!

Carol is no stranger to a cross-section of genres having done horror before in “Frankenstein” which starred Jessica Jone’s Carrie Anne Moss and has an upcoming western called “Traded”. I first spotted her on TV in “Red Band Society” and she is set to return to the small screen again in the upcoming dark comedy series “Vice-Principals” sometime in 2017. In the meantime, look out for Carol’s stirringly wonderful work in several indie films including one where she’s a witch-hunter. Being a fan of witch-related features such as “Salem”, “The Craft” and “The Secret Circle”, I can’t wait to see Carol in witch-hunting mode in “The Element Of Spirit” where she’s plugged as being rather dangerously sexy. With her beguiling loveliness, there’s never a better time to keep an adoring eye on this appealing young actress who might just steal your hearts.

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