Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 12 Feb 2016

Mackenzie Meehan & Emily Tremaine in “Vinyl”


– “Vinyl” is already lauded to be a must-watch and it should be especially since this 70s rock-themed HBO TV Series created by the legendary Mick Jagger has a bevy of talented actress at the cusp of bewitching the world.
– As Penny, an A&R executive for the record label, “American Century”, Mackenzie is bringing back retro love and the photos of her in character with the big hair in polyester threads will serve to excite us even more. Best known for her scene-stealing role opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Wolf Of Wall Street”, she’s the coveted sweetheart on the ascendency.
– One of the most alluring actress be it onscreen or on the red carpet, Emily is slated to play Heather, the receptionist of the record label, “American Century” and early pics from the show affirms she’s going to be the highlight of sultriness. Juggling indie film and TV roles with dazzling aplomb, she’s an elegant young actress destined to be in the limelight.

Emily Killian & Jackie Moore in “Behind The Blinds”


– The web is the very medium to be enraptured with talented women blessed with sex appeal so it’s fitting to be in awe of the sexy Emily Killian and Jackie Moore, stars of the new web series “Behind the Blinds”.
– You’ll be hooked on Emily as she thrives in her role as Lola, assistant to the director of the titular drama and she’s the ultimate temptation in her slinky schoolgirl garb.
– We’ve always had a thing for the enticing Jackie Moore and she stimulates our senses once more as the voluptuous Destiny Belle, adding spicy vibrancy to her comedic role.

Christina De Rosa in “Blackish”


– Deserving of a spot on any annual hot-list, the ravishing Christina is a regular on this blog and she’s been perennially eye-catching in multiple mediums.
– Catch her making a delectable impression in the latest episode of “Black-ish” with Brittany Daniel and with 2 babes onscreen at the same time, it’s TV addiction time!
– She’s also scored a role in an upcoming feature alongside Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate which sets her up for global adulation.

Kendra Waldman in “Dark Web”


– Kendra does indeed have those magnetic eyes that can set anyone on the path of enthralment as she’s done throughout her career.
– She first came to fascinating prominence during the SXSW festival in her role that saw her excel as a bossy network TV head.
– In “Dark Web” which is reminiscent of “Hostel 2” in tone, she stars in a thriller that sees women being hunted down for the viewing pleasure of the blood-thirsty, filthy rich.

Leah Bateman in “Little Savages”


– The demure Leah has already guest-starred on hits such as “Rizzoli & Isles” and last year she was at her charming best in her recurring role as head cheerleader Alina Grady.
– Don’t miss her in “Little Savages”, a family comedy that has sweetness at it core and Leah is a certified darling alongside fellow cutie Katherine McNamara of “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments” fame.
– There’s rumours that “Little Savages” may be the first in a trilogy so if that comes to fruition, expect the eyes of the adoring public to be centred on the rising starlet Leah Bateman.

Christy Carlson Romano in “The Girl In The Photographs”


– She may have a small part in the Wes Craven produced “The Girl In The Photographs” but rest assured she’ll be an enjoyable watch as she’s consistently shown be it in the horror genre or the Disney stint of her earlier years.
– Still regarded as one of the most beloved Disney stars, Christy is now more invested in the art of film and even completed a first dramatic feature called Prism via her production company Interstitial Productions.
– Look out for her in the actioner “House Rules” as the long suffering ex-wife of a down and out formerly decorated MMA fighter which will no doubt showcase her impressive emotional depth onscreen.

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