Indie Starlets To Adore @ Beaufort Film Festival 2016

Maritza Brikisak in “A Prayer For The Lonely”


– With her Best Actress nomination for her stirring role as Laura, a woman whose faith in prayer seems to be wavering until an unexpected encounter, indie fans should certainly start inculcating a passion for the luminous Maritza.
– She will be at the premiere of her short film “A Prayer For The Lonely” at the Beaufort Film Festival this week so expect her to garner a steady stream of attention.
– While she made her mark on film in the indie horror genre, Maritza is steadily exhibiting her finesse in more dramatic fare which can only bode well for her to shine even brighter.

Grace Folsom in “In The Dark”


– Another Best Actress nominee, Grace delivers on all fronts with remarkable intensity as Bethany who is slowly consumed by a darkness she can’t possibly comprehend. Possession movies are hot property this year and there’s every chance Grace is coveted too.
– She’s going to be twice the attraction in Feb/March with the premiere of “In The Dark” to be followed by the upcoming screening of “Search Engines at the Cinequest Film Festival.
– Grace exudes a similar lissome graciousness in the vein of fellow actress Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil) and with her instilling such gripping dynamism into her roles, she’s on track to mesmerise the world!

Mandy Moody in “Birthday”


– A strong entry in numerous film festivals, the emotional short film “Birthday” sees Mandy as the wife of a wounded vet and is compellingly driven by her authentic, moving depiction of a loving wife struck down by tragedy close to home.
– Gary Sinise of “CSI:NY” fame lauds it as a striking look at the plight of injured servicemen and their loved ones, affirming the powerful statement of the story.
– Infusing a convincing substance into her anguished character, I’m sure many can’t wait to see the unfolding of Mandy as a potentially arresting talent to be admired.

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