Actress Spotlight: Nadine Crocker


Exuding the divine sensuality worthy of a passion movement, Nadine Crocker is this week’s obsession. The star of “Cabin Fever”, the remake of Eli’s Roth cult hit will take you on a terrifying and ultimately bloody ride of body horror, so relevant with what’s happening in our diseased-ravage world. It’s going to be a Valentine’s Day massacre on screen and one could say that the stunning Nadine has an infectious appeal. Essaying the role of Marcy previously helmed by Cerina Vincent in the 2002 original, she elevates what it means to be a badass to a whole new level. Marcy does however to be the moral center of the group, always looking out for her friends and when their trip to the cabin in the woods goes sideways, her motherly instincts kick in. This in spite of her fate that’s going to be worse than death itself as the disease starts to ravage her body. It’s a gusty performance from Nadine as she instils in Marcy a fighting spirit till the end.


Nadine is also notable for being prominent on social media with an impressive following on Instagram and why not when she’s so visually enticing. She’s also a vision of graciousness which makes us adore her tenfold. After “Cabin Fever”, she’s slated to channel her indie darling spirit in the gritty drama “ToY” which is premiering at the Cinequest Film Festival in March. If you need a romantic movie this weekend to cuddle with your paramour, catch Nadine in “Rodeo And Juliet”, a tale of new love and love that at times doesn’t fade away. Nadine plays Juliet, city girl turned country girl who discovers a special bond with a horse and a young cowboy, both giving her an exceptional slice of life. I first saw Nadine in the comedy satire “Some Guy Who Kills People” and was instantly smitten with the knowledge that she was headed for big things. Nadine is undeniably proving she’s definitely one of the most desirable women for many years to come.

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