Enchanting Women On Film, TV, DVD & Web – 19 Feb 2016

Hannah Leder in “Love”


– I first saw Hannah on “Bad Judge” and became intrigued by this lissome charmer who has grown from strength to strength with a series of pleasing guest-starring roles on television. Her ascendancy as a creator of appealing content is also to be admired.
– She’s returning to entranced our hearts once more in “Love” starring Gillian Jacobs, the new series on Netflix that shows love at its most pragmatic and unromantic.
– Hannah has an entertainingly quirky new project called The Planters, a back to basics look at film-making and all i have to say you’ll be loving its pure indie spirit as well as Hannah’s most comely dimples.

Sara Botsford in “Anne of Green Gables”


– Don’t miss Sara, a most riveting Canadian thesp in the TV movie “Anne Of Green Gables” essaying a heart-warming performance in this tale of familial values.
– She stars as Marilla Cuthbert who encounters the orphan Anne Shirley at the farm she tends with her brother Matthew (Martin Sheen). Jaded when it comes to love, she finds a re-kindling of sorts from the emergence of this positive young girl.
– This Gemini Award-winning actress is a performer of many flavour onscreen over the years threading the good and evil side of women yet always gracefully engaging.

Alyshia Ochse, Vivi Pineda & Ashton Leigh in “Blackish”


– Passion for actresses often are borne out of our fascination for their allure and in this trio of beauties, we’ve blessed to be able to witness their collective X-factor blossom.
– Alyshia Ochse is effortlessly luminous in “Convergence” starring as Hannah, the wife of a detective who may have discovered a portal to hell after a terrorist bombing. This blonde stunner has a busy 2016 with multiple features vying to dazzle all year long.
– In this supernatural thriller, Vivi and Ashton are endearing in their respective supporting roles. Both hotties are notable for their mesmeric presence in the indie genre and the small screen, ensuring flourishing approval from us all.

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