Foxy Femme: Tammy Jean


Throughout the history of indie horror, there’s always been scream queens who are breathlessly sultry and Tammy Jean is a starlet primed for infatuation. She stars in the horror film “Sociopathia” as Mara, an introvert with an appetite for killing her female lovers and stitching up their corpses into dolls. Delivering a shocking yet fascinating performance in one of her darkest roles to date, Tammy excels in the tortured psyche of a woman affected by her incessant urge to kill. The psychological aspect of monophobia or the acute fear of being alone is also fleshed out in absorbing fashion by Tammy giving Mara a semblance of humanity despite her sociopathic tendencies. There’s also Mara’s attraction to film producer Kat (Asta Paredes) which serves to highlight the struggles we have of reining in our obsessions. Of course, indie fans would be in unison when admitting to having the hots for Tammy seeing how she’s endowed with those voluptuous curves and immaculate skin.


It’s so encouraging to see “Sociopathia” driven by women both on and off screen as it is written/co-directed by Ruby Larocca, a scream queen in her own right who has been featured on this blog regularly too. The emphasis on the psychological elements and not just the kills raises up the notch to ensure this will be a suspenseful watch. She’s also on course to be one of the must watch women of horror in 2016 with several features including the imaginatively titled “Die, Hipster! Die!” that’s about an enraged gypsy bringing the hurt on a group of unfortunate hipsters. Poor souls! Must not have gotten a copy of “Drag Me to Hell”; otherwise they would have known the retribution brought upon by gypsies is truly prolonged and hellish. Tammy does play a demon in “Reichsfuhrer-SS”, the indie historical drama set in 1940s Germany with splatterings of horror so get ready for some Nazisploitation fun! This could be the year we all are hot for the very sensual Tammy…:)

2 thoughts on “Foxy Femme: Tammy Jean

  1. Yummy.., I Love Tammy… I spend some alone me time with her picture 4 times a week at the very least. Stunning and beautiful as well as a phenomenal actress. Best scream queen around right now. Everytime I look at a picture of her I’m in my room for 2 hours. Makes my day brighter. I look forward to it every day at work and can’t wait.

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