Actress Spotlight: Nikki Moore


Destined to be of the most mesmerising darlings of the indie genre, the enigmatic Nikki Moore will be held in adoration this week. She’s the heroine in the thrilling “Cassidy Way” playing Gina, a film student who together with her classmates uncover a conspiracy involving a fracking company that puts them in jeopardy. In a case of mistaken identity, they are taken hostage by an unstable man who believes them responsible for his son’s death. It goes to show one good turn doesn’t necessarily deserve another as their noble deed is met with real horror in the form of a traumatised father out for revenge one way or another. Setting the film in a more grounded plot ensures depth in terms of backstory and we do harbour a desire to see Nikki’s Gina somehow wrestled herself out of her predicament.

In one of her most compelling performances and by far one of my favourites, Nikki is a genuine scene-stealer as Lesley, a woman who is brought from the dead in “Kiss The Abyss”, a twist of the worldwide favourite zombie sub-genre. Her descent into an otherworldly creature is terrifying as well as heart-wrenching as her humanity is stripped away. Nikki makes us feel for her character’s plight despite her being dangerously sexy as she develops a thirst for blood. With such talent on her gorgeous shoulders, 2016 is the year she ascends to the mantle of swoon-worthy sweetheart.

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